Update on Lexi and her Kittens

Lexi’s little darling kittens are now six and a half weeks old. They are getting so big! The orange and white, male, is Sugarfoot. The black and white, male, is Berkeley. The white with a striped tail, male, is Soleih. The Siamese mix, female, is Ashley.      Berkeley is the … Continue reading

Birth Announcement – Lexi

Lexi was rescued about 10 days ago from the Downey shelter. She was released on a medical waiver (meaning they did not spay her) because they weren’t sure if she was pregnant. Our foster/volunteer, Kaela, insisted she was based on her inspection of the kitty when she picked her up. … Continue reading

They Just Keep Getting Cuter!

  Lexi’s foster, Patty, sent some more update photos and a short video of the kittens. These cuties will be available for adoption in about four weeks.    


MeoowzResQ Volunteer Opportunities Adoption Event Volunteers Volunteers are needed each Saturday or Sunday for 3-4 hours. Positions are available at various locations (CLICK HERE to view our Adoption Event locations and times). Your main duty would be to help show our kittens to people who may be interested in adopting them. Volunteers also help with … Continue reading

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