Cheese Pop

A few months ago, Cheese Pop was rescued late at night from down by the harbor with five other tame, sweet, abandoned kittens.



Cheese After


His “before” picture is the very next morning at the vet. The grapefruit on his stomach is a hernia. The vet thought someone kicked him so hard it ruptured his intestines. The “after” picture is of his stitches after surgery.

Then the best picture of him is with his new dad, Victor. Victor thinks the world of Cheese Pop and has brought him back by the adoption fair a couple of times just to say hi. Instead of having a happy home where he is loved, safe and cared for, Cheese Pop would be dead at the harbor if not for our wonderful supporters who make these life-saving surgeries possible.

Victor and Cheese Pop

Victor and Cheese Pop

Big Boy Adopted!

This was the weekend for big kitties. Shadow, a 20+ pound Russian blue, was also adopted this weekend. Here is Big Boy‘s story told by Diane, the event coordinator for the Petco Mission Viejo events.

Sue Yandell, on the right in the photo, came to Petco with her daughter and Big Boy and FAMILYgranddaughter and stopped by the adoption. She was immediately drawn to Big Boy and told me of her family’s love for cats. We told her Big Boy’s story (and Chandra, his foster, had made a flyer which was posted on his crate). She called her husband, Jack, and relayed the story, and he asked for pictures. Due to the poor signal strengths at that location, he was unable to get the photos. They decided to leave and discuss later. That was about 3:15.

Just before 4 pm, Sue and her girls returned. Her husband had received the photos and called her back and said, “You might as well turn around and go get him!” Jack also said he anticipated some physical therapy with Big Boy going up and down his stairs! Sue took notes from Chandra all about exactly what he eats and the medications he is on. In addition, Chandra’s husband drove down and brought all of Big Boy’s provisions to give to the adopters.

In all this we learned that Jack is retired and his day is mostly filled with caring for their cats. And to top it all off, Sue works for a VET!! When they left with Big Boy, she took him straight to the veterinary hospital where she works so he could have a complete work up before introducing him into their home with their other feline residents.

This was Big Boy’s first event…  Serendipity anyone? With this family, Big Boy will get the best care and the most love ever!

Abandoned by her Owners

This beautiful Russian blue was abandoned by her owners along with two other cats. Nikita and babies 004Residents of the building where they lived had all been chipping in to feed and look out for the three adult cats. When this cat had her first kitten outside, one of the residents brought her and the kitten inside so they could keep a closer eye on them. Three more babies followed.

This good Samaritan couldn’t afford to keep the family so he contacted us. He is heartbroken that he can’t keep them but wanted them in a good situation. He is considering taking the mama back once the babies are weaned and she is spayed.

Nikita and babies 005Our foster, Julie, picked this family up yesterday. The two black and two Siamese mix kittens, which were born on March 1st, are doing very well and will be ready for adoption early in May. We named mom Nikita. This very young mom is only about one year old herself.

I started to talk about responsible pet ownership here andNikita and babies 002 how if the original owners had spayed this cat, these new lives would not have been in jeopardy. Then I realized how silly that sounded considering they abandoned three cats. Obviously, they were not responsible pet owners in any way. This goes to an even deeper issue than spay/neuter.

When you adopt or buy a pet, you are making a commitment to care for that animal for its lifetime — not just as long as it is convenient.



The Little River Rat

Pearl was rescued as a tiny tot down by the Long Beach Harbor. One of our volunteers was flagged over one night by some rock fishermen who said they had been hearing a kitten screaming for hours but couldn’t find the kitten. Everyone set out with flashlights and finally found Pearl screaming her head off, all alone, ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE LA RIVER! She seemed to be in pretty good shape, considering, and she sure had good lungs!

Pearl was fostered and bottle fed (yes, she was that tiny) by our dedicated volunteer, Kathy, who named her Pearl, but mostly we called her Little River Rat. Her new daddies Matt and Stacey still use this affectionate nickname but they have given her the more dignified name of Ratatouille.

Pearl 4                         Pearl 2

Pearl/Ratatouille was adopted at our Petco Buena Park adoption fair, and now lives…. in Long Beach! So it was a full circle journey for a little river rat who wouldn’t give up screaming for help and was lucky enough that MeoowzResQ was there to help her! You can see in these photos from her adopters that she looks very happy!

Pearl 1       Pearl 3

Her new daddies brought her into the Petco in Buena Park today for her second vaccination so the event coordinator snapped an update photo of the three of them.

Matt Stacey Pearl01

Another Broken Kitty Ready for Adoption

Do you remember our sexy little man, Bopper? Some of you donated to his surgery and, thanks to you, he is all healed and ready for his forever family. He will require no further medical attention and will lead a normal, healthy life. You can meet him today at the adoption fair at Kahoots in Huntington Beach.

Bopper is a young (about 6 months old), playful, kitty but also a very affectionate lap kitty. He is a lover boy!!! He has a quirky personality that is sure to make you laugh.


It’s a Special Birthday

Athena and her family were quite the celebrities on our Facebook page for several months. Some of you may remember the story of Tomato, aka Athena, but for those who don’t, here’s the background.

Just over a year ago, MeoowzaResQ saved Tomato from a high-kill shelter where she would have been euthanized because she had several fractured bones and her entire pelvis was twisted and shifted out of line from her spine, probably from being hit by a car. We got her the surgery she needed and she went to her foster home for bed rest. Her incision opened up a couple of times and she eventually was kept in the hospital for another couple of weeks to make sure the incision healed properly.

After her return to her foster home, she continued to heal nicely, but Tomato’s story didn’t end there. Against all odds, somehow this beautiful girl – who’s little body was mangled after being hit by a car and underwent x-rays and surgery to repair several fractures and twist her pelvis back into place – was pregnant the whole time and nobody knew or suspected it! Due to her injuries and continued recovery, she was not able to give birth and had to have a c-section. Four healthy babies were born but they had to be bottle fed for a couple of days while Tomato stayed at the hospital to make sure she was strong enough to take care of them. Her foster renamed her Athena. The babies flourished and, eventually, all were adopted. Today, they turn one year old.


Gisele and her BFF Mommy live together forever with their failed foster

Athena and Gisele are featured in Stray Cat Alliance’s Ravishing Rescues Calendar!

Partners in crime!

     IMG_3877              IMG_6749

Gisele was named KOST FM’s Cutest Pet and won $5000, half for MeoowzResQ and half towards building a safe outdoor enclosure for her, Athena, and the other kitties at their new home

The babies had to be bottle fed for the first few hours of their life while Mommy Athena stayed at the hospital to recover from surgery and couldn’t produce milk.

Finnley and Riley were adopted together by MRQ volunteer and foster Madeline

Tofu is very loved by her new Mommy Natalie and sister Cookie

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Help Light the Way for Our Kitties — Scentsy Fundraiser

MeoowzResQ is so lucky to have many devoted and generous supporters. Anne Bryant is one of those people. She sells Scentsy and has offered to do a fundraiser for us. She will be donating her entire commission from the fundraiser sales. Scentsy warmers make great gifts and Mother’s Day will be here before you know it!


Fundraiser Details:

Love candles, but you just can’t have ’em in your house because pets or children willtwo candles knock them over? Meet Scentsy! Scentsy is a wickless candle system that is much safer than the traditional candle. There’s no soot, no fire hazard, no burns if the melted wax is accidentally touched. The scents are stronger, and they last longer than scents of most traditional candles. An added bonus: Scentsy warmers are beautiful!

“So, what does this have to do with MeoowzResQ, you ask? Well, my name is Anne Bryant, and I sell Scentsy. I love kitties, and it breaks my heart to see sick and/or homeless kitties, especially when I don’t have a lot of money to donate to help them.  So I decided that it would be a neat idea to partner with MeoowzResQ and help them raise money to help kitties by selling Scentsy!  For any sales made from March 1st through April 17th, I will donate my entire commission to MeoowzResQ. Just click here, and it will take you directly to the fundraiser site on my Scentsy page. You can also order directly from me – – and say you’re ordering to help MeoowzResQ. If you have any questions about the fundraiser or the products, do not hesitate to email me as well. Thank you!!!”

GreenThumb Orange R1_FlowerGirl_PSW_Styled

Miss Pippa Ready for Adoption!

Thank you so much to everyone who donated to help Miss Pippa. Thanks to your Miss Pippa 3generosity, she is completely healed – as good as new – and ready for her chance at a happy, long life. Miss Pippa is an adorable Turkish van kitten who is cuddly, confident, playful, and as sweet as any kitten ever born! Her sweet face says it all! Miss Pippa likes everybody! She likes other kitties, kids, even dogs! She likes to have her tummy rubbed, snuggling with you, and playing with her toy mice. She’s just a doll! You can see her beginning this Saturday, and until she is adopted, at our adoption fair at Petco in Buena Park. Click here for details on all of our adoption fairs.

Our Tiny Miracle

Welcome! MeoowzResQ’s tiniest family member has arrived. This weekend, MeoowzResQ got a call to help with a hoarding situation down in San Diego. We listened when a rescuer asked us to help an older mother cat and her newborn kitten. IMG_1083 cropThis calico mommy is 14 years old and just had a litter on Friday, the 22nd! One of the kittens survived, and it is the tiniest kitten we have ever seen! It is a little calico that weighs one ounce as of today, the 27th, and she is about as long as a finger. She is nursing well and seems strong. 

Elizabeth 14

Elizabeth and Miracle

The mother has been named “Elisabeth” after the very old woman in the Bible who miraculously gave birth to a child, who would be John the Baptist who baptized Jesus. The baby has been named “Miracle,” as she truly is a miracle baby. 

Stay tuned for updates about Elisabeth and her baby Miracle. Donations are welcome so that Miracle and her mommy can get regular vet visits to make sure they are healthy and baby is growing strong. Thank you!


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Should a Pregnant Cat be Spayed?

Spaying a pregnant cat and aborting, thereby killing, her unborn kittens is a hotly photodebated topic in many circles. Is it ethical? Does this killing really help reduce killing? Proponents don’t like having to take lives of unborn kittens, but their position is based on pragmatic reasoning. Opponents do not like the taking of lives under any circumstances, whether born or unborn, and feel the “rationalizations” of proponents are just excuses (See the article The Great Abortion Non-Debate).

Some argue that there are already more animals than there are homes for them and bringing new kittens into the world will mean the death of cats or kittens already born and in shelters. Others answer this by saying that “with 17 million Americans looking for three million available shelter animals,” this argument doesn’t hold water. The problem does remain that shelters and rescues become overloaded while trying to make the connections with those families and the animals ready for adoption.

Rainbow babies 3As an organization, MeoowzResQ’s philosophy is that we will not knowingly and intentionally abort a pregnant female except on the recommendation of our veterinarian for health reasons. That being said, we never know early in a pregnancy and have female cats spayed almost immediately upon receiving them if they meet the age or size requirements. Our veterinarians know that if it is discovered during surgery that the cat is pregnant, they are to continue with the spay. If a cat is obviously pregnant and close to term, we do not spay and abort.

After interviewing personnel at several shelters, they all seem to have similar policies. If a cat is early in her pregnancy or sick, they will spay and abort. If the cat is near full term and healthy, they will let her have the kittens and try to get a rescue to take or, if they have a foster system, send them home with one of their own fosters.

Our goal is to rescue and save lives and, for us, killing unborn kittens is not accomplishing this goal. There is no short-term solution to this issue. The answer lies in responsible pet ownership. Pet owners need to be educated about spaying and neutering before spaying a pregnant cat becomes an issue. In the meantime, we choose to continue to save lives.

Spay/neuter education is part of our mission as well as spaying and neutering all of our cats and kittens prior to adoption. To find a low-cost program near you, search the ASPCA Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Provider Database by simply entering your zip code.

Please feel free to comment, but remember, this is our policy and philosophy, not our dictate for anyone else.0spay

Cat Pregnancy Resources
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Cornflake’s Happy Turn of Events

Cornflake has seen some ups and downs in her short life. She was rescued as a very young kitten, presumably from a shelter, by a well-meaning private rescuer. When the rescuer died, it turned into a hoarding situation with deplorable conditions. The cats left alone by her death were not fed for perhaps two weeks or more and Cornflake was quite emaciated.

That’s when MeoowzResQ came into the picture and rescued her again. Shortly after she arrived at her foster home, her foster noticed that she was having trouble eating. Her foster took her to the vet for a dental exam and it was discovered that her gums were so inflamed and infected from stomatitis that she needed to have all of her teeth removed. This probably also played a part in her weight loss prior to being rescued by MeoowzResQ. Surgery was scheduled right away.

Cornflake and Michael

Cornflake and Michael

For the next couple of weeks, she recuperated from her surgery and began putting on weight. Finally, she was ready for adoption. This past Sunday, she was taken to our adoption event at Pet Supply in Fountain Valley, and that’s where her life really took a turn! Two great guys fell in love with her immediately and wanted her even more when they knew her whole story. Michael sent us this photo of Cornflake in her new home and had this to say, “Cornflake is doing really well. She has gotten used to her new home quite quickly! Thank you guys for giving me the opportunity to give this amazing kitten a loving home!!”

Boy George — the Kitty who Almost Wasn’t

Boy George is a perfect example of why we don’t test kittens for FeLV. He was rescued from the Riverside shelter and adopted out to a nice family last September at about three months of age. The family took him to the veterinarian who tested him for FeLV and his test came back positive. The nice family promptly returned him to his former foster. He was tested again a few weeks later, again with the Eliza test, again with a positive result.

Since we know kittens can often test positive with the Eliza test done at most veterinarian offices, we waited until he was six months old and had him tested with the IFA test, which came back negative. Although most FeLV positive cats can live a normal life for several years, most people would have had the kitten euthanized after the first test, let alone a second positive. There are special considerations to keeping an FeLV positive cat, but in this case, the kitten was not infected. Once we knew he was healthy, we began looking for a new home for him.

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When she saw Boy George’s ad on craigslist, Deb B. called to find out about meeting him. Her son, who has cancer, wanted a cat. Arrangements were made for Deb and her son to meet Boy George at his foster’s home. They all immediately fell in love and we gifted Boy George to the family. So Boy George, the kitty who almost wasn’t, made a special wish come true.

Boy George adopted

Miss Pippa Update

Miss Pippa is doing very well. She saw Dr.Coghlan at 17th Street Animal Hospital last weekend and is now scheduled to get the pin in her leg removed and be spayed next Friday. Miss Pippa is loving and so sweet. She likes other kitties and her favorite thing to do is sleep at her foster mommy’s feet all night long. Her little leg is healing so well that she is able to jump, run, and play with her tunnel toy without any issues.

Miss Pippa 2


Miss Pippa 3                          Miss Pippa 1

Birth Announcement – Lexi

Lexi was rescued about 10 days ago from the Downey shelter. She was released on a medical waiver (meaning they did not spay her) because they weren’t sure if she was pregnant. Our foster/volunteer, Kaela, insisted she was based on her inspection of the kitty when she picked her up. Sure enough, early this morning, at foster Patty’s house, she had four healthy kittens. Lexi is a little protective of her kittens right now but she is proving to be a good mother.

Lexi and 4 kittens

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