10-year-old Boy Calms Crying Abandoned Kitten and Finds Her a New Cat Mom

A 3-week-old abandoned kitten was rescued from a cat colony. No one was able to calm her cry until a 10-year-old boy put her in his arms and told her everything would be OK.

Little Ariel the kitten was found in a cat colony in California. She was left behind by her feral cat mother and was taken into MeoowzResQ, a rescue group in Orange, California, while waiting to be placed into foster care.

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Cat Superstitions

There have existed superstitions about cats, especially black cats, that evolved from the infamous witch-hunts and executions during the 12th and 13th centuries. It was believed that cats were either witches that transformed themselves into cats in order to attend midnight meetings conducted by the Devil, or they were familiars for witches in order to carry out evil purposes without having to be present at a location.

We’ve all heard these negative kitty superstitions — “a black cat crossing your path is an omen for bad luck” and “cats should not be allowed around babies or they will sit on their chests and steal their breath.” But have you heard these positive superstitions about cats?

  • If you want to ensure good health and prosperity, stroke a black cat and listen to it purr.
  • Placing a cat in an empty cradle will grant a newlywed couple’s wish for children.
  • A cat that has three different colors in its coat will protect you from fever and fire.

Amazingly, many of these superstitions, especially the negative ones about black cats, are still believed today. Many rescues and shelters refuse to adopt out black cats just prior to and during the month of October. Their link to witches and the Devil make Halloween a dangerous time for black cats.

Cats are neither good luck nor bad luck. They are special creations that should be respected and loved, not feared because of ancient superstitious beliefs.

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Amanda’s Art

AmandaA MeoowzResQ volunteer, Amanda Tiaskkun, is not only talented when it comes to helping our kittens get adopted but she also has an incredible talent for painting! She can capture the personality of our furry friends on canvas from photos! Amanda paints abstract landscapes, realistic portraits of animals, and original artwork from her own imagination. Any subject will come to life under her brush! All of Amanda’s paintings are available for purchase and she is happy to apply her talent to commissioned portraits of family pets.

CLICK HERE for more examples of Amanda’s work!

If you’re interested in having your pet’s image immortalized by Amanda, contact her at Amanda.Tiaskkun@outlook.com 


Tuxedo pic Tuxedo paint
Kitten pic Kitten paint

Val’s Pals Vote


kbig-fm_2015 MRQ Logo

Val’s Pals presented by your Southern California Nissan Dealers is hosting a program started by the Valentine in the Morning Show to help bring awareness to charities right here in the Southern California area. Each Friday they wrap up the week by highlighting a different charity on the show!

MeoowzResQ could be that charity!!!

All Meoowz Friends, please click here and vote for MeoowzResQ. It’s super simple! You enter your name and email address, select MeoowzResQ from the drop down menu and hit SUBMIT!

Vote ONLY once a day but PLEASE vote every day!
Deadline to vote is 10:00am PST on FRIDAY, DECEMBER 9, 2016.

We could get a nice grant from this!!!!!

Help MeoowzResQ win a $20,000 donation curtesy of the Southern California Nissan Dealers and go vote!


MeoowzResQ Kitties are Movie Stars

As a kitten rescue, we know how important it is to spay or neuter kittens and cats in order to help keep the feral population down. Kara Guezze has created several YouTube videos to try and spread this message as well as other important issues facing domestic animals. Check out Kara’s latest video starring several MeoowzIE kitties.

MeoowzResQ Volunteer is a Cool Kid!

rocios-kittens-scaledOne of our very own volunteers, Rocio Valdez, was nominated as one of ABC7’s Cool Kids! The weekly segment airs on Thursdays at 4:00pm and highlights some amazing kids and their talents, passions, or incredible stories.

Rocio, 17, loves cats and has three of her own. She was asked by MeoowzResQ to foster a few kittens until they were ready to be adopted.

rocios-kittens-2“I was only going to foster two kittens and they were a month old and I was only going to bottle feed them for a month, but then that same day they called me and asked if I could take four more kittens,” Rocio said.

Rocio began fostering at the start of the summer by bottle feeding the kittens every three hours while still maintaining a tight summer schedule, which includes an internship and water polo practice.

“It was busy, but I thought it was really fun,” Rocio said.

In September, Rocio started volunteering at the Santa Ana Adoption Events on Sundays. Her kittens are nearly big enough to be spayed or neutered and they are all anxious to find new homes! She expects to bring her kittens to the Santa Ana Adoption Event held on Sunday, September 18, 2016 at the Petco in the Bristol Plaza.

Congratulations Rocio!

A Generous Donation

When you buy or sell with Michelle Ellis, Realtor, she makes a donation to a non-profit of the client’s choosing. Danny and Jenny Rettura recently purchased a home and chose MeoowzResQ to receive a very generous $975. Thank you to the Retturas and to Michelle for thinking of the kittens!
CM Check

Michelle Ellis, Realtor

I was honored to make a donation today on behalf of my clients and new homeowners Danny and Jenny Rettura. The Retturas chose MeoowzResQ as the recipient of the $975 donation. We had such a great time visiting with the staff and adorable kitties today!

MeoowzResQ is a 100% volunteer ran non-profit that rescues kittens and cats throughout Southern California. The cats come from a variety of situations – whether found wandering the streets, abandoned by their owners, or rescued before being put to sleep. MeoowzResQ takes them in, provides all of the medical treatments for rehabilitation, places them in caring temporary foster homes, and facilitates the adoption of the cats into a loving home.

MeoowzResQ coordinates several adoption events every weekend in Orange and Riverside Counties (locations listed on website). To learn more about how you can support their work, provide a foster home, or adopt a kitten of your own, visit their website at www.meoowzresq.org.

Thank you to MeoowzResQ for all of the work you do!

If you want to partner with a Realtor who will work tirelessly for you and give back to the causes you care about, let’s connect! When you buy or sell with me, a donation is made to the non-profit of your choice. Together, let’s put a little extra heart in your home.

Anaheim Fireworks Program

If you’re looking for fireworks for the 4th of July, shop at TNT Fireworks, present the flyer below, and receive $10 off your purchase of $50 AND 30% of your purchase is donated to MeoowzResQ!

FIireworks Flyer 2016 Download and print the flyer on the left or present the flyer on your phone at one of the TNT Fireworks locations below.
TNT katella map2695 East Katella Avenue
Anaheim, CA 92806
TNT ball map2297 W. Ball Road
Anaheim, CA 92804


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