Big Boy Adopted!

This was the weekend for big kitties. Shadow, a 20+ pound Russian blue, was also adopted this weekend. Here is Big Boy‘s story told by Diane, the event coordinator for the Petco Mission Viejo events.

Sue Yandell, on the right in the photo, came to Petco with her daughter and Big Boy and FAMILYgranddaughter and stopped by the adoption. She was immediately drawn to Big Boy and told me of her family’s love for cats. We told her Big Boy’s story (and Chandra, his foster, had made a flyer which was posted on his crate). She called her husband, Jack, and relayed the story, and he asked for pictures. Due to the poor signal strengths at that location, he was unable to get the photos. They decided to leave and discuss later. That was about 3:15.

Just before 4 pm, Sue and her girls returned. Her husband had received the photos and called her back and said, “You might as well turn around and go get him!” Jack also said he anticipated some physical therapy with Big Boy going up and down his stairs! Sue took notes from Chandra all about exactly what he eats and the medications he is on. In addition, Chandra’s husband drove down and brought all of Big Boy’s provisions to give to the adopters.

In all this we learned that Jack is retired and his day is mostly filled with caring for their cats. And to top it all off, Sue works for a VET!! When they left with Big Boy, she took him straight to the veterinary hospital where she works so he could have a complete work up before introducing him into their home with their other feline residents.

This was Big Boy’s first event…  Serendipity anyone? With this family, Big Boy will get the best care and the most love ever!

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