Big Boy Update

Big Boy’s foster, Chandra, reports that he is doing great at her house. He is currently confined to one room to be sure he is completely over his upper respiratory infection so he can have his surgery. He will have free reign of the house after surgery and any recuperation period.

He is doing well on his diet. He’s such a sweet love with a deep rumbling purr. He’s a little awkward on his feet but is active when being talked to, when he wants or gets attention and, of course, when someone puts food in front of him. He’s a little shy when meeting new people but quickly warms up. Chandra says, “He is gentle and cuddly and I am SO glad he was rescued and gets a second chance! I can’t wait to BB and Chandrasee his personality really take shape as he loses the weight and acclimates to our home.”

You can’t fully appreciate his size in the other photos we’ve posted. This photo of him with Chandra gives you a better perspective. This is what 30 pounds of kitty looks like!

Please feed your kitties an appropriate diet in the correct amount. This may look amusing or you might think what a big love, but this is a serious condition and can be fatal.

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