Bottle Babies from Huntington Beach

Our cats and kittens come from all kinds of situations. These are kittens that someone found in their backyard in Huntington Beach. The person who brought the kittens to our Huntington Beach adoption event was unfamilar with how to take care of kittens this small. After a short discussion, our event coordinator determined that the person was unable to care for the kittens, so they became the first foster kittens to enter MeoowzResQ during the month of December. Two boys – Simba and Kimba… and one girl, Nella are safely in foster care being bottle fed.

These kittens are lucky. Someone cared enough to help them. So many others born on the street are not so lucky. The only way to reduce pet overpopulation is through spay/neuter. Please help us spread the word. If you or someone you know needs assistance, visit our spay/neuter page for resources.

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