Some of 2012’s Special Needs Kitties

Not all of our rescues are cuddly little kittens that just need to grow a little and get spayed or neutered to be put up for adoption. In fact, that is really the minority. Even the cuddly little kittens usually need some sort of medical treatment, most commonly for an … Continue reading

Holly Update

Holly had her surgery to repair her severe hind leg fracture. She is doing well today and up eating and drinking. She had a visitor from MeoowzResQ who gave her lots of love and comfort. Holly still cannot be picked up, but that didn’t stop her from asking! Holly will need at … Continue reading

Update on Holly

Holly is doing well at the vet’s office, but she says she wants to come home soon! They are running some tests and planning the surgery, which is scheduled for this week, to ensure she will be safe during surgery. Holly had a visitor yesterday from a MeoowzResQ foster and she got love … Continue reading

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