Amanda’s Art

A MeoowzResQ volunteer, Amanda Tiaskkun, is not only talented when it comes to helping our kittens get adopted but she also has an incredible talent for painting! She can capture the personality of our furry friends on canvas from photos! Amanda paints abstract landscapes, realistic portraits of animals, and original artwork from her … Continue reading

Val’s Pals Vote

  Val’s Pals presented by your Southern California Nissan Dealers is hosting a program started by the Valentine in the Morning Show to help bring awareness to charities right here in the Southern California area. Each Friday they wrap up the week by highlighting a different charity on the show! MeoowzResQ could be that charity!!! … Continue reading

Pet Expo 2014

We will be at Pet Expo this weekend spreading the word about the work we do. We will have kittens available for adoption all weekend. Stop by and say hello — booth 1347 in the courtyard.

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