What Color is Your Best Friend?

tortieOwning a pet, like a cat, has been shown to reduce stress and blood pressure levels. Bringing a new cat home can be an exciting time, but it’s important to consider the decision carefully. Choosing the right cat for you, your lifestyle, your family, and your environment will help ensure that both you and your cat have a healthy, happy life.

Many people who love cats and are looking to add a feline companion to the home have an idea of color. Maybe it’s a memory of a cat we once had, or maybe it’s what attracts us most.

tuxedoLife happens, and often adopters find that the cat they are really drawn to is an entirely different color. There is a connection, and that connection to a living, breathing being trumps appearances for all but the most superficial among us.

Some adopters have come in for a specific color of kitty and left with one that is totally different than the color they originally wanted. “As a foster, none of my three cats matches my picture of what I would adopt out of a picture book. But I love all three in their inimitable way!” states longtime MeoowzResQ foster Sylvia Jonathan.

russian-bluePay attention to the temperament, not the appearance, of the feline friend you are about to adopt, because you are going to spend a decade or more with him or her. Much like humans, cats should not be judged by their outer beauty alone. While there’s nothing wrong with feeling drawn to an adorable face, make sure you consider more than the cat’s appearance when making your decision.

Look past appearance and “see” with your heart what’s really there. Behind the plain-vanilla exterior of a cat who has been overlooked by many, you may discover a sweet pet with the perfect personality. Those cats are the keepers, no matter what they look like.

Chex                                               Suki Puki       Tom Thumb                                        Snoodles Suzy                                 Bandit   Trip        Frosty                         Mookie Adopted Little Timmy Finlay Tiger Abby Shawn Pink Floyd                                   Gandalf & Moana Marlie       Ariel Simbad Samantha & Twinky                       Adopted Fluffy    Adopted Misty Bobo Adopted Suzy Q Spring Luna                                                   Norris Trinket Gabby                 Angel                 Haley                                      Cactus Simba       Pinot Mr Stubbs      Hershey Charity               Adopted Timmy Sue Harley   Cole Lambert Zummo    Chardonnay Powder Maple Laila and Pippin Ceasar Blackie          Dude                                       Adopted Adopted Adopted Gucci                                                  Adopted Kismet Bean & Paintbrush Nala Cassie Minette   Grayson Woody and Destiny      Toni                    Nala and Chip Chip Dakota                                 Petey Magic Wasabi Mookie Jewel                                                   Adopted Remi                                      Bently  Jax                       Pilgrim Soul                                        FizzGigg Daisy     Adopted Becca Peppermint Felix              Polka and Piper Jack           Penny Blackie Chan               Flicka Benny Alvin   Rosé Cupcake & Ziggy                                                Ted Adopted Rachel and Pauly Pewter and Nickel Big Toes and Little Tiger Sahara Jasper & Java Bristol                             Blizzard                                         Raichu Dempsey                 Sunshine Charles                                                           Tank and Andretti             Missy Jordan                 Shadow Adopted Jetta                                                  Cassidy               Twinnie Brown Adopted Simon            Karina Tony Ivy Adopted Adopted Buckle                                         Adopted Bella                              Adopted Finn  Mocha Adopted Bagheera                             Trixie                       Moxie                                           Annika Augustine Lancelot Wilson Betty Adopted Wei Penelope Tommy Rusty                                     Spot            George Harrison Decalf and Striper               Cookie Socks Water Lily & Beene                       Mr Moo Moo                         Simba Teemu                                     Sumo Levi Toonsis Pepper    Lanai Steel Tinsel Chrome and Merlot Coco                                Marie          Elizabeth Tabby Prince Harry             Garfield   Tobias Gus                                   Adopted Smokey Sundance Clarence Lucky and Garland


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