Holly Melted Our Hearts!

Yesterday, a plea went out to the rescue community from Orange County Animal Care to save little Holly. This tiny six-week old kitten had come in with a fractured hind leg. Staff at OC shelter said, “She’ll fit in the palm of your hand if she doesn’t melt your heart first!” Of course, they were right and we had to answer the call to save her. She was immediately transported to our vet.

Holly has a slight upper respiratory infection which will need to be treated before she can have surgery. They want to be sure she is completely over the URI before proceeding, but if all goes well, she will have her surgery early next week. The surgery will be a little more complicated than some because she is so tiny. Keep little Holly in your thoughts!

You can help us help Holly by donating through the ChipIn. No amount is too small. Thank you for your generosity and support.

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