Holly Update

Holly had her surgery to repair her severe hind leg fracture. She is doing well today and up eating and drinking. She had a visitor from MeoowzResQ who gave her lots of love and comfort. Holly still cannot be picked up, but that didn’t stop her from asking! Holly will need at least a week more of hospitalization, but she can’t wait to get to her foster home!

Thank you so much to the 23 generous contributors who donated a total of $703 toward Holly’s surgery: Sarah G, Amy D, Paula M, Chris T, Donna L, Sara C, Polly S, Agathe M, Carolyn N, Carolyn G, Jeanne B, Katherine R, Anne V, Enid D, Paula M, Sarah P, Karen N, Jennifer C, Amy M. Nanci S, Jennifer G, Cathy R, and Pedro F. You are Holly’s angels!

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