Newborn Update

Just a few hours old

Just a few hours old

On Thursday, our volunteer, Tori, went to the Moreno Valley Shelter to pick up a female Siamese. As some of you read that day, when she got there, there were two newborns in the cage with her and she was still in labor.

Tori took them home for the night and mom had two more babies on the way. It looked as if she might have more, but she stopped with just the four. Tori says they are all boys!

In their foster home - one day old

In their foster home – one day old

The next day, the family made its way to its foster home with Pamela. Tori and Pamela say mom is very sweet and taking excellent care of the babies. Mom and babies will be available for adoption in about 10 weeks.

We haven’t had a naming contest in a long time so we thought we’d let you help name mom and all the babies. You can put your suggestions in the comments below or in the comments of this post on our Facebook page. Only those two places will be considered. The five winners will receive a set of MeoowzResQ note cards. Winners will be chosen by a panel of volunteers on Friday, 1/25.

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