Amanda’s Art

AmandaA MeoowzResQ volunteer, Amanda Tiaskkun, is not only talented when it comes to helping our kittens get adopted but she also has an incredible talent for painting! She can capture the personality of our furry friends on canvas from photos! Amanda paints abstract landscapes, realistic portraits of animals, and original artwork from her own imagination. Any subject will come to life under her brush! All of Amanda’s paintings are available for purchase and she is happy to apply her talent to commissioned portraits of family pets.

CLICK HERE for more examples of Amanda’s work!

If you’re interested in having your pet’s image immortalized by Amanda, contact her at 


Tuxedo pic Tuxedo paint
Kitten pic Kitten paint

Val’s Pals Vote


kbig-fm_2015 MRQ Logo

Val’s Pals presented by your Southern California Nissan Dealers is hosting a program started by the Valentine in the Morning Show to help bring awareness to charities right here in the Southern California area. Each Friday they wrap up the week by highlighting a different charity on the show!

MeoowzResQ could be that charity!!!

All Meoowz Friends, please click here and vote for MeoowzResQ. It’s super simple! You enter your name and email address, select MeoowzResQ from the drop down menu and hit SUBMIT!

Vote ONLY once a day but PLEASE vote every day!
Deadline to vote is 10:00am PST on FRIDAY, DECEMBER 9, 2016.

We could get a nice grant from this!!!!!

Help MeoowzResQ win a $20,000 donation curtesy of the Southern California Nissan Dealers and go vote!


MeoowzResQ Kitties are Movie Stars

As a kitten rescue, we know how important it is to spay or neuter kittens and cats in order to help keep the feral population down. Kara Guezze has created several YouTube videos to try and spread this message as well as other important issues facing domestic animals. Check out Kara’s latest video starring several MeoowzIE kitties.

What Color is Your Best Friend?

tortieOwning a pet, like a cat, has been shown to reduce stress and blood pressure levels. Bringing a new cat home can be an exciting time, but it’s important to consider the decision carefully. Choosing the right cat for you, your lifestyle, your family, and your environment will help ensure that both you and your cat have a healthy, happy life.

Many people who love cats and are looking to add a feline companion to the home have an idea of color. Maybe it’s a memory of a cat we once had, or maybe it’s what attracts us most.

tuxedoLife happens, and often adopters find that the cat they are really drawn to is an entirely different color. There is a connection, and that connection to a living, breathing being trumps appearances for all but the most superficial among us.

Some adopters have come in for a specific color of kitty and left with one that is totally different than the color they originally wanted. “As a foster, none of my three cats matches my picture of what I would adopt out of a picture book. But I love all three in their inimitable way!” states longtime MeoowzResQ foster Sylvia Jonathan.

russian-bluePay attention to the temperament, not the appearance, of the feline friend you are about to adopt, because you are going to spend a decade or more with him or her. Much like humans, cats should not be judged by their outer beauty alone. While there’s nothing wrong with feeling drawn to an adorable face, make sure you consider more than the cat’s appearance when making your decision.

Look past appearance and “see” with your heart what’s really there. Behind the plain-vanilla exterior of a cat who has been overlooked by many, you may discover a sweet pet with the perfect personality. Those cats are the keepers, no matter what they look like.

Alvin   Simbad Dakota                                 Betty Cactus Adopted Adopted Charity               Frosty                         Adopted Becca Puki       Samantha & Twinky                       Bella                              Felix              Norris Marie          FizzGigg Charles                                                           Adopted Jasper & Java Mocha Blizzard                                         Jewel                                                   Pink Floyd                                   Adopted Tinsel Haley                                      Missy Jordan                 Adopted Penelope Adopted Mookie Water Lily & Beene                       Teemu                                     Gus                                   Socks Dempsey                 Polka and Piper Trixie                       Decalf and Striper               Adopted Wilson Misty Shadow Suki Fluffy    Simba Ariel Adopted Dude                                       Chrome and Merlot Hershey Little Timmy Lucky and Garland Marlie       Laila and Pippin Daisy     Buckle                                         Finlay Luna                                                   Abby Mr Stubbs      Simon            Tiger Remi                                      Harley   Toni                    Benny Finn  Nala and Chip Raichu Maple Wasabi Bristol                             Minette   Chip Spring Adopted Mr Moo Moo                         Adopted Pilgrim Soul                                        Kismet Karina Adopted Tobias Bagheera                             Lanai Gabby                 Bobo Gucci                                                  Wei Coco                                Tony Ted Cassidy               Jax                       Augustine Adopted Sunshine Blackie Chan               Suzy Q Lancelot Adopted Tommy Trinket Prince Harry             Elizabeth Zummo    Penny Tank and Andretti             Rusty                                     Powder Jack           Rosé Suzy                                 Levi Nala Bandit   Adopted Sahara Jetta                                                  Chex                                               Rachel and Pauly Chardonnay Annika Big Toes and Little Tiger Peppermint Blackie          Simba       Lambert Adopted Cupcake & Ziggy                                                Garfield   Timmy Sue Toonsis Trip        Adopted Spot            Pinot Adopted Cassie Cole Tom Thumb                                        Pewter and Nickel Pepper    Moxie                                           Angel                 Ceasar Adopted Steel Sundance Woody and Destiny      Bently  Petey Adopted


MeoowzResQ Volunteer is a Cool Kid!

rocios-kittens-scaledOne of our very own volunteers, Rocio Valdez, was nominated as one of ABC7’s Cool Kids! The weekly segment airs on Thursdays at 4:00pm and highlights some amazing kids and their talents, passions, or incredible stories.

Rocio, 17, loves cats and has three of her own. She was asked by MeoowzResQ to foster a few kittens until they were ready to be adopted.

rocios-kittens-2“I was only going to foster two kittens and they were a month old and I was only going to bottle feed them for a month, but then that same day they called me and asked if I could take four more kittens,” Rocio said.

Rocio began fostering at the start of the summer by bottle feeding the kittens every three hours while still maintaining a tight summer schedule, which includes an internship and water polo practice.

“It was busy, but I thought it was really fun,” Rocio said.

In September, Rocio started volunteering at the Santa Ana Adoption Events on Sundays. Her kittens are nearly big enough to be spayed or neutered and they are all anxious to find new homes! She expects to bring her kittens to the Santa Ana Adoption Event held on Sunday, September 18, 2016 at the Petco in the Bristol Plaza.

Congratulations Rocio!

A Generous Donation

When you buy or sell with Michelle Ellis, Realtor, she makes a donation to a non-profit of the client’s choosing. Danny and Jenny Rettura recently purchased a home and chose MeoowzResQ to receive a very generous $975. Thank you to the Retturas and to Michelle for thinking of the kittens!
CM Check

Michelle Ellis, Realtor

I was honored to make a donation today on behalf of my clients and new homeowners Danny and Jenny Rettura. The Retturas chose MeoowzResQ as the recipient of the $975 donation. We had such a great time visiting with the staff and adorable kitties today!

MeoowzResQ is a 100% volunteer ran non-profit that rescues kittens and cats throughout Southern California. The cats come from a variety of situations – whether found wandering the streets, abandoned by their owners, or rescued before being put to sleep. MeoowzResQ takes them in, provides all of the medical treatments for rehabilitation, places them in caring temporary foster homes, and facilitates the adoption of the cats into a loving home.

MeoowzResQ coordinates several adoption events every weekend in Orange and Riverside Counties (locations listed on website). To learn more about how you can support their work, provide a foster home, or adopt a kitten of your own, visit their website at

Thank you to MeoowzResQ for all of the work you do!

If you want to partner with a Realtor who will work tirelessly for you and give back to the causes you care about, let’s connect! When you buy or sell with me, a donation is made to the non-profit of your choice. Together, let’s put a little extra heart in your home.

Anaheim Fireworks Program

If you’re looking for fireworks for the 4th of July, shop at TNT Fireworks, present the flyer below, and receive $10 off your purchase of $50 AND 30% of your purchase is donated to MeoowzResQ!

FIireworks Flyer 2016 Download and print the flyer on the left or present the flyer on your phone at one of the TNT Fireworks locations below.
TNT katella map2695 East Katella Avenue
Anaheim, CA 92806
TNT ball map2297 W. Ball Road
Anaheim, CA 92804


Dr. Heidi Strand from Pro Pet Fix


Dr. Heidi Strand is oneDr. Strand of the Veterinarian owners at Pro Pet Fix in Fullerton. She has given her time and expertise to make Orange County a safer place for animals in need. She graduated from Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1994. Before moving to Fullerton she worked for the Oakland SPCA’s high-volume spay/neuter centers as well as Tony LaRussa’s ARF. While in the Bay area, Dr. Strand authored ‘Ask the Pet Vet,’ a column for the Danville Weekly and the East Bay SPCA website. Having worked in the animal welfare field for the majority of her veterinary career, Dr. Strand is committed to ending pet overpopulation and unnecessary euthanasia through spay and neuter programs.

Orange County International Auto Show Fundraiser

Support MeoowzResQ by Participating in our Auto Show Fundraiser

Are you planning to go to the Orange County International Auto Show in October? Go to to purchase your tickets. Select MeoowzResQ as your charity and we receive 100% of the ticket sales.

auto show fundraiser flyer

auto show fundraiser instructions

The Orange County International Auto Show — the best place to check out the hottest new cars and trucks, exotics, tricked-out rides, classics & more!

Beauty is in the Eye…

A Touching MeoowzResQ Adoption Story

by foster Jan D.

Jacqueline Rodriguez was in the prime of life, enjoying college and working when she A touching MeoowzResQ adoption storynoticed a bump along her right cheek. After several failed attempts at diagnosis, she received the devastating news that there was cancer in one of her salivary glands. She was just 20 at the time. Part of her treatment and recovery involved not being able to close her right eye for an extended period and she had to lubricate it manually. After extensive surgery and 3 months of radiation treatment 5 days a week, Jacqueline made a full recovery from her cancer and is more beautiful and bubbly than ever. She and her fiance Paul Rodriguez were married just last March, 2014.

Merida, a touching MeoowzResQ adoption storyMeoowzResQ’s 4 month old kitten “Merida,” an orange tabby Manx, had a severe eye infection as an infant for which she’s had two surgeries. Still, the eye looks a little funny and she can’t open the affected eye all the way. But this never stops her from being extremely playful, energetic, very cuddly and amazingly cute with her petite little body, short tail with a curl on the end, and little white mittens on her feet. Once you meet her and experience her great personality you can’t help but love her.

When the couple was kitten shopping and saw the photos of “Brave” little Merida with her “special eye” online, they were immediately drawn to her. It was Jacqueline’s right eye that had also been affected when she was ill, and she felt an instant and profound connection with this special little kitty with the funny eye.

When they came to visit Merida and saw how sweet, cuddly and fun she is, they made the decision to make her a part of their fur-ever family and adopted her. They named her Ellie after the spunky little next door neighbor girl from the movie “Up” – which fits her perfectly. This beautiful young couple is now all set to enjoy their new marriage and new fur-baby Ellie; a little kitten with a big personality, who finally got her happily ever after.

Dining to Donate Applebees Fundraiser

Mark your calendar for Wednesday, May 14, and plan to dine at Applebee’s at one of dining to donate applebees fundraiserfive locations for either lunch or dinner and support our kitties. Applebee’s will donate 15% of your bill to our cause. Dine any time from 11 am to closing. Be sure to print out the flyer for the location you plan to visit. You MUST present the flyer and it has to be for the right location for us to get credit.

Flyers for our Dining to Donate Applebees Fundraiser

Click on the restaurant name to download the flyer for that location.

APPLEBEE’S CORONAthank_you_052




2800 N MAIN ST.

If you are unable to participate in this fundraiser but would still like to support our work, just click on the button below to make a donation. Our kitties thank you!

Urgent Need for Fosters

Monday update



We were able to save six families yesterday thanks to some of the most dedicated fosters on the planet. All of these families are from the hoarding situation.

  1. Sunflower and four babies 5-6 weeks old
  2. Tangerine and six babies 1-2 weeks old (Tangerine had developed a very serious upper respiratory infection and was taken to a vet. We are hoping for the best for the family.)
  3. Astrid and five babies born 4/19
  4. Tulip and one baby
  5. Milky Way and four babies
  6. Serafina and three babies

That’s a total of 29 lives saved yesterday from just this one situation! Thank you so much to everyone who responded to our plea for new fosters. We have eight applications we are reviewing and will be contacting these folks shortly.

It takes a lot of money to care for the hundreds of kitties we rescue every month. If you are able to make a donation to help us with this monumental task, it would be so very much appreciated.

Sunday morning

We have an URGENT need for new fosters. A few days ago, a hoarder dumped 79 cats and kittens at Downey shelter. Rescues have been scrambling to save as many as possible but most, like us, are full. A few of our fosters have each saved a family but there are so many more that need saving. The shelter was already pretty full so they will have no choice but to start euthanizing. Please, if you have room for a kitty or two or a family and live in Orange County or Riverside, CA, call us ASAP at 714-997-0868. Visit our “Volunteer” page to download the foster application. MeoowzResQ provides supplies and pays for any medical expenses. 

Fosters needed

Sunflower and one of her four babies

We do not send our kitties out of the area for many reasons.

  1. You need to be able to bring the kitties to our adoption events once ready for adoption.
  2. Our vets are here if any medical care is needed.
  3. The supplies we provide are here.

There are rescue organizations everywhere, including where you live. Your local organization would be grateful for your help.

If you would like to help us with these rescues but can’t foster, a donation to help with their care (formula for bottle babies, deworming, vaccinations, spay/neuter, etc.) would be very much appreciated.

Pet Expo 2014

We will be at Pet Expo this weekend spreading the word about the work we do. We will have kittens available for adoption all weekend. Stop by and say hello — booth 1347 in the courtyard.

Pet Expo

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