Our Medical Fund

By far, the majority of our funds goes to medical treatment. Last year, we had over $105,000 in veterinary expenses. We spent almost $50,000 spaying and neutering our kitties. The balance went to all the sick, broken and abused kitties we rescued.xrayCI

Our budget for 2013 is $180,000. Our adoption fees cover about 75% of our annual costs leaving us with a shortfall of $45,000. Your generous donations and support of our fundraisers helps cover our shortfall each year.

PRINCESS 1Please consider supporting our medical fund with a small donation. The money in this fund will mean we can say yes to pleas for help with injured kitties without wondering if we will be able to raise the funds to provide them with the care they need.

You can read about some of the kitties your donations helped last year by clicking here.

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