Students Raise Funds for MeoowzResQ

Thank you to Kara, Brianne, Catelyn and Frida for choosing MeoowzResQ for their leadership team project at Acacia Elementary School in Fullerton. We appreciate your efforts and your donation! Here’s their story:

Members of the Acacia Student Leadership Team (SLT) were directed by the school principal, Dr. Whisnant, to individually or in small groups choose projects that either benefitted our peers or the community. Our group consisted of Kara, Brianne, Catelyn and Frida.

Student fundraisers

We chose MeoowzResQ as our charity and launched a two week drive to collect funds and donations of miscellaneous cat items at our school. We decorated cups and placed them in classrooms for funds collection and placed a decorated box in the school office for large items. We solicited donations from Del Taco (44oz cups and lids) and Anaheim Feed (funds collection and misc cat items). The whole experience proved to be a fantastic learning opportunity for us all.

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