Orange County International Auto Show Fundraiser

Support MeoowzResQ by Participating in our Auto Show Fundraiser Are you planning to go to the Orange County International Auto Show in October? Go to to purchase your tickets. Select MeoowzResQ as your charity and we receive 100% of the ticket sales. The Orange County International Auto Show — the best … Continue reading

Groupon Grassroots Fundraising Campaign Goes Live

MeoowzResQ – Online Deal For Every $65 Grassroots Raises, MeoowzResQ Can Provide Food, Vaccinations, and Spay or Neuter Treatment for One Cat Our Groupon Grassroots deal goes live today. Click here to see our deal and make a donation. Please share with your friends to help us blow the lid off of … Continue reading

Help Light the Way for Our Kitties — Scentsy Fundraiser

MeoowzResQ is so lucky to have many devoted and generous supporters. Anne Bryant is one of those people. She sells Scentsy and has offered to do a fundraiser for us. She will be donating her entire commission from the fundraiser sales. Scentsy warmers make great gifts and Mother’s Day will … Continue reading

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