Updates on Special Medical Needs Kitties

It’s great to get away for awhile, but then there is always the catching up. I have gotten a little behind on updates so they are all here together. Miss Pippa finally went from the vet to her foster on January 29th. She is recovering well and protects her little leg while … Continue reading

Some of 2012’s Special Needs Kitties

Not all of our rescues are cuddly little kittens that just need to grow a little and get spayed or neutered to be put up for adoption. In fact, that is really the minority. Even the cuddly little kittens usually need some sort of medical treatment, most commonly for an … Continue reading

Petey Pie Update

Here is a picture of Petey Pie in his carrier at the vet’s office for his appointment yesterday. Petey is doing really well. Today he even stood up on all four legs a few times and is starting to really try and walk around and get exercise.

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