Urgent Need for Fosters

Monday update



We were able to save six families yesterday thanks to some of the most dedicated fosters on the planet. All of these families are from the hoarding situation.

  1. Sunflower and four babies 5-6 weeks old
  2. Tangerine and six babies 1-2 weeks old (Tangerine had developed a very serious upper respiratory infection and was taken to a vet. We are hoping for the best for the family.)
  3. Astrid and five babies born 4/19
  4. Tulip and one baby
  5. Milky Way and four babies
  6. Serafina and three babies

That’s a total of 29 lives saved yesterday from just this one situation! Thank you so much to everyone who responded to our plea for new fosters. We have eight applications we are reviewing and will be contacting these folks shortly.

It takes a lot of money to care for the hundreds of kitties we rescue every month. If you are able to make a donation to help us with this monumental task, it would be so very much appreciated.

Sunday morning

We have an URGENT need for new fosters. A few days ago, a hoarder dumped 79 cats and kittens at Downey shelter. Rescues have been scrambling to save as many as possible but most, like us, are full. A few of our fosters have each saved a family but there are so many more that need saving. The shelter was already pretty full so they will have no choice but to start euthanizing. Please, if you have room for a kitty or two or a family and live in Orange County or Riverside, CA, call us ASAP at 714-997-0868. Visit our “Volunteer” page to download the foster application. MeoowzResQ provides supplies and pays for any medical expenses. 

Fosters needed

Sunflower and one of her four babies

We do not send our kitties out of the area for many reasons.

  1. You need to be able to bring the kitties to our adoption events once ready for adoption.
  2. Our vets are here if any medical care is needed.
  3. The supplies we provide are here.

There are rescue organizations everywhere, including where you live. Your local organization would be grateful for your help.

If you would like to help us with these rescues but can’t foster, a donation to help with their care (formula for bottle babies, deworming, vaccinations, spay/neuter, etc.) would be very much appreciated.

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