What Does It Take to Rescue a Kitten?

Rescuing kittens is not all fuzzy, happy babies running around a foster’s home. It is, BabyKittens04day after day, spending hours in front of the computer reading email pleas for kittens and cats at death’s door all over Southern California. It is deciding which ones to help based on the amount of money and number of fosters currently available. It is gut wrenching, heart breaking feelings for the ones you can’t help. It is networking with shelters, dozens of other rescues and volunteers for pull, transport, etc. to make it all happen.

Once a kitten is rescued, it is very often sick, especially if it came from a shelter where germs quickly spread. This means vet visits and medications. Some don’t make it. Finally, it is a fuzzy, happy kitten running around a foster’s home. Now it is eating like a horse and using cat litter. It needs a warm bed. It needs to be vaccinated and de-wormed. Once old enough, it needs to be spayed or neutered.

006Then the task begins of finding all of the kitties a safe, loving home. Volunteers spend their weekends running our adoption events. Others post and monitor ads on craigslist, Petfinder and Adopt-a-Pet. We bring awareness through our Facebook page and website. Fosters show their kitties in their homes. And with a little luck, each one eventually finds its forever home. Although sometimes a little bitter sweet for the foster, this is the truly “happy” part.

Rescuing cats and kittens takes a lot of time, effort and money. MeoowzResQ found Holly & Dominiquehomes for 1,485 cats and kittens in 2012 and have another 200+ in foster that were also saved during the year. We couldn’t do what we do without our wonderful fosters, volunteers, vets, and friends (donors and other supporters) who help with this monumental project. We couldn’t do it without YOU!

You can donate goods, services or cash to help us here: http://meoowzresq.org/donate/.

You can learn about becoming a foster or volunteer here: http://meoowzresq.org/volunteer/.

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