Whole Lotta Kitty!

Big Boy was rescued from Orange County Animal Care in mid-December. He was Big Boy 2brought to our attention by a benefactor who really wanted to save him and even offered to make a donation to his care. He was an owner surrender and very friendly.

We agreed to take him even though he weighs 30 pounds! Due to his obesity, we wanted to have him evaluated by our vet immediately. Turns out, he had an upper respiratory infection and a tumor on his tail that needs surgery. He was hospitalized and treated for his upper respiratory infection and put on a diet.Big Boy 3

He is home with his foster, Chandra, now and continuing on his special diet. His food intake and weight will be monitored closely. Cats have a unique metabolic response to fasting and whenever a feline’s food intake is rapidly and markedly decreased, a serious and potentially fatal disorder can occur called Hepatic Lipidosis (fatty liver disease).

He has completely recovered from his upper respiratory infection but must stay well for two weeks before he can have surgery due to his weight.

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