Winners Have Been Selected

It was no easy task selecting the winning names for this family as there were so many great ideas. We were looking for names we haven’t used before, or at least not very much, so here are our winners:

Just a few hours old

Just a few hours old

Laura Irving for Sirius

Lyndsey for Rooney

Susan Trear for Fawn (one of our very favorites)

Jane Burrell for Pyewacket

Joy O’Malley Browning for Sprout

If you are one of the five winners above, please email your mailing address to so we can send you your note cards.

Dani’s special mention for a theme is Jackie Begane for the Beatles Lucy Diamond, Lennon, Harrison, McCartney and Starr. I thought the literature pun names from Rochelle Breedon and the sushi names from Joy O’Malley Browning (we picked one), Lisa MacCarley and Alice Pollack were cute. Thank you all so much for participating. We had fun reading your suggestions and comments.

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