A Generous Donation

When you buy or sell with Michelle Ellis, Realtor, she makes a donation to a non-profit of the client’s choosing. Danny and Jenny Rettura recently purchased a home and chose MeoowzResQ to receive a very generous $975. Thank you to the Retturas and to Michelle for thinking of the kittens!
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Michelle Ellis, Realtor

I was honored to make a donation today on behalf of my clients and new homeowners Danny and Jenny Rettura. The Retturas chose MeoowzResQ as the recipient of the $975 donation. We had such a great time visiting with the staff and adorable kitties today!

MeoowzResQ is a 100% volunteer ran non-profit that rescues kittens and cats throughout Southern California. The cats come from a variety of situations – whether found wandering the streets, abandoned by their owners, or rescued before being put to sleep. MeoowzResQ takes them in, provides all of the medical treatments for rehabilitation, places them in caring temporary foster homes, and facilitates the adoption of the cats into a loving home.

MeoowzResQ coordinates several adoption events every weekend in Orange and Riverside Counties (locations listed on website). To learn more about how you can support their work, provide a foster home, or adopt a kitten of your own, visit their website at www.meoowzresq.org.

Thank you to MeoowzResQ for all of the work you do!

If you want to partner with a Realtor who will work tirelessly for you and give back to the causes you care about, let’s connect! When you buy or sell with me, a donation is made to the non-profit of your choice. Together, let’s put a little extra heart in your home.

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