Abandoned by her Owners

This beautiful Russian blue was abandoned by her owners along with two other cats. Nikita and babies 004Residents of the building where they lived had all been chipping in to feed and look out for the three adult cats. When this cat had her first kitten outside, one of the residents brought her and the kitten inside so they could keep a closer eye on them. Three more babies followed.

This good Samaritan couldn’t afford to keep the family so he contacted us. He is heartbroken that he can’t keep them but wanted them in a good situation. He is considering taking the mama back once the babies are weaned and she is spayed.

Nikita and babies 005Our foster, Julie, picked this family up yesterday. The two black and two Siamese mix kittens, which were born on March 1st, are doing very well and will be ready for adoption early in May. We named mom Nikita. This very young mom is only about one year old herself.

I started to talk about responsible pet ownership here andNikita and babies 002 how if the original owners had spayed this cat, these new lives would not have been in jeopardy. Then I realized how silly that sounded considering they abandoned three cats. Obviously, they were not responsible pet owners in any way. This goes to an even deeper issue than spay/neuter.

When you adopt or buy a pet, you are making a commitment to care for that animal for its lifetime — not just as long as it is convenient.



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