What Color is Your Best Friend?

Many people who love cats and are looking to add a feline companion to the home have an idea of color. Maybe it’s a memory of a cat we once had, or maybe it’s what attracts us most.

Life happens, and often adopters find that the cat they are really drawn to is an entirely different color. There is a connection, and that connection to a living, breathing being trumps appearances for all but the most superficial among us.

Some adopters have come in for a specific color of kitty and left with one that is totally different than the color they originally wanted. “As a foster, none of my three cats matches my picture of what I would adopt out of a picture book. But I love all three in their inimitable way!” states longtime MeoowzResQ foster Sylvia Jonathan.

Pay attention to the temperament, not the appearance, of the feline friend you are about to adopt, because you are going to spend a decade or more with him or her. Much like humans, cats should not be judged by their outer beauty alone. While there’s nothing wrong with feeling drawn to an adorable face, make sure you consider more than the cat’s appearance when making your decision.

Look past appearance and “see” with your heart what’s really there. Behind the plain-vanilla exterior of a cat who has been overlooked by many, you may discover a sweet pet with the perfect personality. Those cats are the keepers, no matter what they look like.


Dr. Heidi Strand from Pro Pet Fix


Dr. Heidi Strand is oneDr. Strand of the Veterinarian owners at Pro Pet Fix in Fullerton. She has given her time and expertise to make Orange County a safer place for animals in need. She graduated from Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1994. Before moving to Fullerton she worked for the Oakland SPCA’s high-volume spay/neuter centers as well as Tony LaRussa’s ARF. While in the Bay area, Dr. Strand authored ‘Ask the Pet Vet,’ a column for the Danville Weekly and the East Bay SPCA website. Having worked in the animal welfare field for the majority of her veterinary career, Dr. Strand is committed to ending pet overpopulation and unnecessary euthanasia through spay and neuter programs.

Orange County International Auto Show Fundraiser

Support MeoowzResQ by Participating in our Auto Show Fundraiser

Are you planning to go to the Orange County International Auto Show in October? Go to www.autoshowfundraising.com to purchase your tickets. Select MeoowzResQ as your charity and we receive 100% of the ticket sales.

auto show fundraiser flyer

auto show fundraiser instructions

The Orange County International Auto Show — the best place to check out the hottest new cars and trucks, exotics, tricked-out rides, classics & more!

Beauty is in the Eye…

A Touching MeoowzResQ Adoption Story

by foster Jan D.

Jacqueline Rodriguez was in the prime of life, enjoying college and working when she A touching MeoowzResQ adoption storynoticed a bump along her right cheek. After several failed attempts at diagnosis, she received the devastating news that there was cancer in one of her salivary glands. She was just 20 at the time. Part of her treatment and recovery involved not being able to close her right eye for an extended period and she had to lubricate it manually. After extensive surgery and 3 months of radiation treatment 5 days a week, Jacqueline made a full recovery from her cancer and is more beautiful and bubbly than ever. She and her fiance Paul Rodriguez were married just last March, 2014.

Merida, a touching MeoowzResQ adoption storyMeoowzResQ’s 4 month old kitten “Merida,” an orange tabby Manx, had a severe eye infection as an infant for which she’s had two surgeries. Still, the eye looks a little funny and she can’t open the affected eye all the way. But this never stops her from being extremely playful, energetic, very cuddly and amazingly cute with her petite little body, short tail with a curl on the end, and little white mittens on her feet. Once you meet her and experience her great personality you can’t help but love her.

When the couple was kitten shopping and saw the photos of “Brave” little Merida with her “special eye” online, they were immediately drawn to her. It was Jacqueline’s right eye that had also been affected when she was ill, and she felt an instant and profound connection with this special little kitty with the funny eye.

When they came to visit Merida and saw how sweet, cuddly and fun she is, they made the decision to make her a part of their fur-ever family and adopted her. They named her Ellie after the spunky little next door neighbor girl from the movie “Up” – which fits her perfectly. This beautiful young couple is now all set to enjoy their new marriage and new fur-baby Ellie; a little kitten with a big personality, who finally got her happily ever after.

Dining to Donate Applebees Fundraiser

Mark your calendar for Wednesday, May 14, and plan to dine at Applebee’s at one of dining to donate applebees fundraiserfive locations for either lunch or dinner and support our kitties. Applebee’s will donate 15% of your bill to our cause. Dine any time from 11 am to closing. Be sure to print out the flyer for the location you plan to visit. You MUST present the flyer and it has to be for the right location for us to get credit.

Flyers for our Dining to Donate Applebees Fundraiser

Click on the restaurant name to download the flyer for that location.

APPLEBEE’S CORONAthank_you_052




2800 N MAIN ST.

If you are unable to participate in this fundraiser but would still like to support our work, just click on the button below to make a donation. Our kitties thank you!

Urgent Need for Fosters

Monday update



We were able to save six families yesterday thanks to some of the most dedicated fosters on the planet. All of these families are from the hoarding situation.

  1. Sunflower and four babies 5-6 weeks old
  2. Tangerine and six babies 1-2 weeks old (Tangerine had developed a very serious upper respiratory infection and was taken to a vet. We are hoping for the best for the family.)
  3. Astrid and five babies born 4/19
  4. Tulip and one baby
  5. Milky Way and four babies
  6. Serafina and three babies

That’s a total of 29 lives saved yesterday from just this one situation! Thank you so much to everyone who responded to our plea for new fosters. We have eight applications we are reviewing and will be contacting these folks shortly.

It takes a lot of money to care for the hundreds of kitties we rescue every month. If you are able to make a donation to help us with this monumental task, it would be so very much appreciated.

Sunday morning

We have an URGENT need for new fosters. A few days ago, a hoarder dumped 79 cats and kittens at Downey shelter. Rescues have been scrambling to save as many as possible but most, like us, are full. A few of our fosters have each saved a family but there are so many more that need saving. The shelter was already pretty full so they will have no choice but to start euthanizing. Please, if you have room for a kitty or two or a family and live in Orange County or Riverside, CA, call us ASAP at 714-997-0868. Visit our “Volunteer” page to download the foster application. MeoowzResQ provides supplies and pays for any medical expenses. 

Fosters needed

Sunflower and one of her four babies

We do not send our kitties out of the area for many reasons.

  1. You need to be able to bring the kitties to our adoption events once ready for adoption.
  2. Our vets are here if any medical care is needed.
  3. The supplies we provide are here.

There are rescue organizations everywhere, including where you live. Your local organization would be grateful for your help.

If you would like to help us with these rescues but can’t foster, a donation to help with their care (formula for bottle babies, deworming, vaccinations, spay/neuter, etc.) would be very much appreciated.

Pet Expo 2014

We will be at Pet Expo this weekend spreading the word about the work we do. We will have kittens available for adoption all weekend. Stop by and say hello — booth 1347 in the courtyard.

Pet Expo

Online Auction to Support MeoowzResQ

A good friend and supporter of MeoowaResQ is hosting a fundraising auction on Dorie on her way to the vetFacebook for us. If you are on Facebook, please click on the link, join the event and invite your friends. Once the auction begins on October 1st, check out all the great donated items and bid on them if you find something of interest. All proceeds to benefit our many kitties currently in foster. Thank you so much for your support!

Click on the Link to Access the Online Auction on Facebook


Groupon Grassroots Fundraising Campaign Goes Live

MeoowzResQ – Online Deal

For Every $65 Grassroots Raises, MeoowzResQ Can Provide Food, Vaccinations, and Spay or Neuter Treatment for One Cat

Our Groupon Grassroots deal goes live today. Click here to see our deal and make a donation. Please share with your friends to help us blow the lid off of our goal. We have so many kitties in foster right now with so many more in shelters — our kitties are counting on you!

Make a donation to help save kitties like these

The Issue: Animals Being Euthanized Across the Country

Of the estimated six to eight million dogs and cats that enter shelters each year in the United States, about three to four million are euthanized, according to data from The Humane Society of the United States. This is often due to a lack of resources and space at the shelter. The ASPCA estimates that it costs $600 to $900 annually to provide food, medical care, supplies, and training for a rescued dog or cat while they await adoption into permanent homes.

The Campaign: Providing Medical Care for Rescued Cats

All donations to this Grassroots campaign will be used by MeoowResQ to provide food and medical treatments for rescued cats awaiting adoption. For every $65 raised, MeoowResQ can provide spay or neuter treatments, vaccinations, and one week of food for one cat. Angela Little will match donations up to $260.

Donations Support MeoowzResQ

MeoowzResQ rescues cats and kittens and raises them in private foster homes until they can find forever families. The more than 200 cats available for adoption range from bottle-fed babies to senior citizens, many of whom have been abused, injured, or found abandoned in boxes on the sidewalk or as survivors of fire. Volunteer foster families provide litter, a warm bed, and food for the cats, and each feline receives full vaccinations, de-worming treatment, and a spay or neutering treatment. Many of the cats come from shelters with rampant disease and require veterinary care and medications. In 2012 alone, MeoowzResQ placed 1,485 cats and kittens in loving permanent homes. Join us in saving even more in 2013!


Many Thanks!

thank_you_052Thank you so much to everyone who has taken the time to vote for us in The Animal January2012-ShelterChallenge-CatJelly-VoteToday_120x120Rescue Site Shelter+ Challenge. Voting in this round ended on April 28th and guess what. We finally won something. We won 100 vaccinations for our kitties. Thank you to The Animal Rescue Site for this donation.

Although we didn’t win one of the cash prizes, every donation helps us continue our work of saving lives and finding loving homes. We hope you will vote for us daily again when the new round of voting begins. Every round we get closer to a cash award. Thanks again!

So Many Kitties, So Many Spay/Neuters!

The last two of our pregnant mom kitties delivered on Monday and Tuesday. No more pregnant kitties. Now we have 53 nursing moms and more than 300 kittens in foster!! They started coming on January 17th to mom Fawn (the winning name in our contest) and, if you’ve been following our Facebook page, you know there has been a new litter every few days since then.

Saving these moms from certain death was just the beginning of our work. Our 102 amazing fosters will be devoting many hours of their time to caring for the families, providing for their changing needs as the kittens grow and giving them lots of love and attention.

Another group these kittens present a challenge to is our fundraising committee. All of these kittens need to be vaccinated, de-wormed, flea treated and spayed or neutered. This averages about $60 per kitten. That’s a whopping $21,000 just for these moms and babies!

By far, every year, the majority of our funds goes to medical treatment. Last year, we had over $105,000 in veterinary expenses. We spent almost $50,000 spaying and neutering our kitties. The balance went to all the sick, broken and abused kitties we rescued.

Our budget for 2013 is $180,000. Our adoption fees cover about 75% of our annual costs leaving us with a shortfall of $45,000. Your generous donations and support of our fundraisers cover our shortfall each year. If you would like to help us with the costs of raising these kittens, please donate to our spay/neuter fund. We can’t do what we do without your support. You make a difference and help us save lives.

[wpdonatebuy cid=8]

Here are just a few of the nursing mom kitties and the babies we have in foster.

[jj-ngg-jquery-slider gallery=”11″ width=”580″ height=”400″ center=”1″ pausetime=”6000″ animSpeed=”300″]

Students Raise Funds for MeoowzResQ

Thank you to Kara, Brianne, Catelyn and Frida for choosing MeoowzResQ for their leadership team project at Acacia Elementary School in Fullerton. We appreciate your efforts and your donation! Here’s their story:

Members of the Acacia Student Leadership Team (SLT) were directed by the school principal, Dr. Whisnant, to individually or in small groups choose projects that either benefitted our peers or the community. Our group consisted of Kara, Brianne, Catelyn and Frida.

Student fundraisers

We chose MeoowzResQ as our charity and launched a two week drive to collect funds and donations of miscellaneous cat items at our school. We decorated cups and placed them in classrooms for funds collection and placed a decorated box in the school office for large items. We solicited donations from Del Taco (44oz cups and lids) and Anaheim Feed (funds collection and misc cat items). The whole experience proved to be a fantastic learning opportunity for us all.

Update on Lexi and her Kittens

Lexi’s little darling kittens are now six and a half weeks old. They are getting so big! The orange and white, male, is Sugarfoot. The black and white, male, is Berkeley. The white with a striped tail, male, is Soleih. The Siamese mix, female, is Ashley.

IMG_0020  Ashley Berkeley  IMG_0022

Berkeley is the most outgoing and friendly while Soleih lets his brothers and sister explore before he will take a risk. Ashley is first to initiate play and is very vocal during that time. Sugarfoot is the star in the video of the family’s first meal and playing with a toy. He was very brave and inquisitive.

Earlier photos

Lexi & kittens    

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