Cat Superstitions

There have existed superstitions about cats, especially black cats, that evolved from the infamous witch-hunts and executions during the 12th and 13th centuries. It was believed that cats were either witches that transformed themselves into cats in order to attend midnight meetings conducted by the Devil, or they were familiars for witches in order to carry out evil purposes without having to be present at a location.

We’ve all heard these negative kitty superstitions — “a black cat crossing your path is an omen for bad luck” and “cats should not be allowed around babies or they will sit on their chests and steal their breath.” But have you heard these positive superstitions about cats?

  • If you want to ensure good health and prosperity, stroke a black cat and listen to it purr.
  • Placing a cat in an empty cradle will grant a newlywed couple’s wish for children.
  • A cat that has three different colors in its coat will protect you from fever and fire.

Amazingly, many of these superstitions, especially the negative ones about black cats, are still believed today. Many rescues and shelters refuse to adopt out black cats just prior to and during the month of October. Their link to witches and the Devil make Halloween a dangerous time for black cats.

Cats are neither good luck nor bad luck. They are special creations that should be respected and loved, not feared because of ancient superstitious beliefs.

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