Cornflake’s Happy Turn of Events

Cornflake has seen some ups and downs in her short life. She was rescued as a very young kitten, presumably from a shelter, by a well-meaning private rescuer. When the rescuer died, it turned into a hoarding situation with deplorable conditions. The cats left alone by her death were not fed for perhaps two weeks or more and Cornflake was quite emaciated.

That’s when MeoowzResQ came into the picture and rescued her again. Shortly after she arrived at her foster home, her foster noticed that she was having trouble eating. Her foster took her to the vet for a dental exam and it was discovered that her gums were so inflamed and infected from stomatitis that she needed to have all of her teeth removed. This probably also played a part in her weight loss prior to being rescued by MeoowzResQ. Surgery was scheduled right away.

Cornflake and Michael

Cornflake and Michael

For the next couple of weeks, she recuperated from her surgery and began putting on weight. Finally, she was ready for adoption. This past Sunday, she was taken to our adoption event at Pet Supply in Fountain Valley, and that’s where her life really took a turn! Two great guys fell in love with her immediately and wanted her even more when they knew her whole story. Michael sent us this photo of Cornflake in her new home and had this to say, “Cornflake is doing really well. She has gotten used to her new home quite quickly! Thank you guys for giving me the opportunity to give this amazing kitten a loving home!!”

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