Our Tiny Miracle

Welcome! MeoowzResQ’s tiniest family member has arrived. This weekend, MeoowzResQ got a call to help with a hoarding situation down in San Diego. We listened when a rescuer asked us to help an older mother cat and her newborn kitten. IMG_1083 cropThis calico mommy is 14 years old and just had a litter on Friday, the 22nd! One of the kittens survived, and it is the tiniest kitten we have ever seen! It is a little calico that weighs one ounce as of today, the 27th, and she is about as long as a finger. She is nursing well and seems strong. 

Elizabeth 14

Elizabeth and Miracle

The mother has been named “Elisabeth” after the very old woman in the Bible who miraculously gave birth to a child, who would be John the Baptist who baptized Jesus. The baby has been named “Miracle,” as she truly is a miracle baby. 

Stay tuned for updates about Elisabeth and her baby Miracle. Donations are welcome so that Miracle and her mommy can get regular vet visits to make sure they are healthy and baby is growing strong. Thank you!


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