Petey Pie

The MeoowzResQ team had to act fast on Tuesday to save Petey Pie from the Moreno Valley Shelter. Petey was vaccinated improperly at the shelter on Friday and was instantly paralyzed!!! How did this happen? The needle was pushed way too far into the kitten, and too high up on the neck. The needle hit a bundle of nerves and the kitten’s prognosis was unknown. Petey was supposed to be getting adopted that day but the adopter was unable or unwilling to care for such a seriously injured kitten. After that, the kitten was scheduled to be put to sleep. MeoowzResQ stepped up to save this kitten before the shelter could kill him. He is now safe and recuperating in a foster home. The foster reports that he is currently using his left limbs, but not his right limbs. He has sensation in all four legs, but is still unable to move his right front leg at all. In the picture, you can see his right leg splayed out to the side. Petey Pie will need a vet visit asap, and probably some tests done. Any donations to aid in his medical care are greatly appreciated. THANK YOU!

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