Boys & Girls Club


MeoowzResQ Teaches Boys &

Girls Club of Fullerton

About Kitten Fostering and Volunteering

BGCF 2The Boys & Girls Club of Fullerton invited MeoowzResQ to teach around a dozen children, ages 8 to 12 years old, about kittens, fostering and volunteering. Program Director Janette Rios created a short program that helped to educate the youth on care of cats and kittens. She invited MeoowzResQ to talk about fostering and volunteering.

BGCF 1Volunteers Rebecca de Araujo and Zara Perez spent an hour on March 24th talking with the children. Pre-teens sure can ask a lot of questions! To allow the children to experience a little bit of community service, they were asked to write a short ‘thank you’ note inside of cards, that were then given to people who adopted a MeoowzResQ kitten. The ‘thank you’ cards were a huge hit and adopters were touched to have been thanked.


Rebecca and Zara returned for another hour long session on April 26th. Rebecca explained how MeoowzResQ gets the kittens that are adopted and how fostering works. Zara followed up with talking about the importance of volunteering and what service has done for her. She told of how she started out assisting other volunteers, learned how to run adoption events that allowed her to take over and run her own events and now is frequently asked to attend special events and educational programs. She explained how volunteering has taught her to be more patient with people and how sometimes you have to slow down and explain things very carefully to someone who may not understand.BGCF 5

After the short lesson, the children were shown how to make toy caterpillars made from pipe cleaners. Two kittens were brought out to play with while everyone made as many kitten toys as possible. The toys are being distributed to adopters. Cats of all ages LOVE the toys!


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