Sexy Little Man

OK, that may seem like an odd title on a kitten rescue page, but that’s what the shelter staff called this adorable boy because he was always flirting and winning the hearts of the ladies. At just six months of age, they wanted him to have a chance at life.

at vet

Arriving at 17th Street Animal Hospital

He came into the North Central shelter in LA earlier this week with a broken femur. Without a rescue taking responsibility for him, he would be euthanized. We received an email plea to save him and answered the call. One of our generous donors named him Bopper. We picked him up on Friday afternoon and immediately took him to our vet, Dr. Coghlan at 17th Street Animal Hospital.

His surgery will cost $600. Can you help us help Bopper? No donation to our medical fund is too small — it all adds up. All of the donations to this fund are used to help the sick and broken kitties we rescue. Your donations help us save lives!

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