The Little River Rat

Pearl was rescued as a tiny tot down by the Long Beach Harbor. One of our volunteers was flagged over one night by some rock fishermen who said they had been hearing a kitten screaming for hours but couldn’t find the kitten. Everyone set out with flashlights and finally found Pearl screaming her head off, all alone, ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE LA RIVER! She seemed to be in pretty good shape, considering, and she sure had good lungs!

Pearl was fostered and bottle fed (yes, she was that tiny) by our dedicated volunteer, Kathy, who named her Pearl, but mostly we called her Little River Rat. Her new daddies Matt and Stacey still use this affectionate nickname but they have given her the more dignified name of Ratatouille.

Pearl 4                         Pearl 2

Pearl/Ratatouille was adopted at our Petco Buena Park adoption fair, and now lives…. in Long Beach! So it was a full circle journey for a little river rat who wouldn’t give up screaming for help and was lucky enough that MeoowzResQ was there to help her! You can see in these photos from her adopters that she looks very happy!

Pearl 1       Pearl 3

Her new daddies brought her into the Petco in Buena Park today for her second vaccination so the event coordinator snapped an update photo of the three of them.

Matt Stacey Pearl01

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