Update on Cornflake

Cornflake, a young orange tabby, was emaciated

Emaciated Cornflake prior to rescue

Cornflake is an adorable orange tabby kitten we rescued from a hoarding situation in December. Although she seemed fairly healthy at first, the foster noticed within a month that she was not able to eat any dry kitten chow and was experiencing pain in her mouth.

Recently, we took Cornflake into the vet to address her dental issues. The vet recommended a dental cleaning and extractions to start, but due to the extent of inflammation and infection in her mouth, Cornflake required total mouth extractions. Cornflake was suffering from severe stomatitis, which is believed to be caused by an allergic reaction to the plaque on her teeth.

On her ride home from the vet

On her ride home from the vet

With the extent of her mouth ulcers and decaying teeth, the vet described Cornflake’s pain as, “imagine the worst sore throat you have ever had, times 10, and then imagine trying to swallow shards of glass.” Now that we have removed all of her teeth, there will be no surface to accumulate plaque and Cornflake should live a pain-free life eating wet kitty food.

The vet said Cornflake should heal quickly and be a happy kitty. She is currently recovering with foster brothers Otis and Oscar and she has a good appetite and is eating plenty of wet kitty food. She will be available for adoption in about a month.

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