Why Are There So Many Rules to Adopt a Cat?

I hear people say that there are so many rules to adopting a cat that it makes it hard for people. There really are only a few “deal breakers” that we are adamant about.

Many people still don’t see what’s wrong with letting their cats outdoors, but there are so many dangers out there. Traffic is probably the main thing that every outdoor cat is exposed to. Outdoor cats often are not immunized so there is the possibility of being exposed to a life threatening disease. Outdoor cats fight and can get life threatening infections. How many people have you heard say, “My cat got eaten by a coyote?” This happens even in urban areas. If you have a pet door to the outside, chances are your cat goes out. And don’t get me started on cats who are not spayed or neutered and allowed to run free. That’s a whole other issue.

Declawing cats is a hotly debated topic, but our position is that cats were born with claws and they should keep them. Declawing is usually done for the owner’s benefit, not the cat’s. The way cats are normally declawed is using an instrument with a sliding blade, almost like a guillotine, and it cuts a straight line through the joint between the little piece of bone the claw grows from and the next piece of bone, which is much bigger. When you do that, right underneath that is the pad, and you actually cut that right in half too. So it’s like cutting the tip of your finger off. It is painful for the cat and can result in several complications.

Many of the kitties we rescue from shelters are “owner surrenders” meaning people turn their cats into the shelter when they have to move, or a boyfriend moves in who doesn’t like cats, or … You fill in the reason. Statistics show that more than 70% of cats who enter shelters are euthanized and owner surrenders don’t have to be held as long as strays.


Rescue organizations are run by people who love what they do. Our fosters and volunteers have countless hours invested in the kitties we rescue. Fosters love their kitties and want them to live long, happy lives. We are entrusted with donations from the public to save lives and want to protect that trust. We don’t want our kitties hit by a car, eaten by a coyote or turned into the shelter when you have to move.

So if you plan to keep your cat indoors, not declaw it and love and keep it forever, chances are good you can adopt from us. If you don’t plan to do these things, then please don’t try to adopt from a rescue and don’t criticize them when you don’t meet their criteria. There are other ways to adopt a cat. Go directly to an animal shelter or adopt a cat that is already living on the streets. Adopt a kitten from someone who has let their unspayed cat run loose and now has kittens who need homes.

We love our kitties and want to protect them as best we can. We want adopters who will love them as much as we do and keep them safe.

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