How Can I Help?

MeoowzResQ is an all volunteer organization. We can use help in the following categories:

donate MeoowzResQ relies heavily on donations. We have mom’s, kittens, and adult cats where we supply much of what they need including being spayed or neutered, vaccinations, other medical services, food, litter and much, much more.

MeoowzResQ has no facility so all of our kitties live with foster families. Sometimes we get a kitty that is just not adoptable. When we can’t find another alternative, the kitty becomes one of our “forever fosters”. These are usually kitties with serious medical issues and we need help with paying for their ongoing care.

foster If you have room in your home, time on your hands, and a warm and loving heart, we could use your help with fostering some of our kitties. You have complete say over how many, what ages, and how long. We provide supplies, you provide a safe environment, a little attention, and plenty of love.
volunteer We try to provide as many opportunities as possible for those who want to volunteer their time. We have volunteers help us at adoption fairs each weekend, permanent weekly shifts caring for our kitty condos, at special events throughout the year, and occasionally assist with transporting kitties.
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