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All of our kitties live with foster families, but sometimes we get a kitty that is just not adoptable. When we can’t find another alternative, the kitty becomes one of our “forever fosters”. These are usually kitties with serious medical issues and we need help with paying for their ongoing care.

Brewheim Adoption Event Saturday, June 22nd 12-4pm at Brewheim in Anaheim

Meet Blue

Blue is a beautiful, loud, and adventurous Siamese Manx. She is a 4 year old kitty who was rescued out of a shelter 3 years ago. Blue was surrendered because they were unable to continue paying her medical bills after developing Manx syndrome. She is now our resident cat who will live out her days in our cattery.

Manx syndrome (sacrocaudal dysgenesis) is a collection of symptoms associated with the Manx breed of cat, due to their lack of a tail.

  • A result of an inherited gene that affects development of the spine
  • Some cats show no symptoms, beyond the lack of tail, and live a largely unaffected life
  • In other cases, atypical spinal development may result in severe neurological or physical defects, presenting as complications with defecation, urination, and hind leg movement
  • Diagnostic tools include a physical examination, diagnostic imaging, urinalysis, and a neurologic exam, 2023

Blue is incontinent and has no clue when and where she is going. Which can create a bit of a mess in our office. Due to her condition, her tail was fully removed to help keep her clean.

Her bright blue eyes and loud meows let us know she’s happy she’s here. She welcomes volunteers and lets us know when everyone is hungry.

Your donation will help pay for her regular visits to the vet. She requires monthly enemas and checkups to make sure she is not in pain. Due to her condition, we are all aware our office is going to be her forever home… and Blue is very grateful for that!

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