All About MeoowzResQ

MeoowzResQ LogoFrom abandoned and abused to happy and healthy, find out what it takes for a kitten rescue to succeed. With a 100% volunteer workforce, our fosters provide safety, regular food and most importantly, love, to each cat or kitten we are able to save. Our goal? The purrfect furever home!

 How does a kitten rescue start?

Discover what steps were taken for MeoowzResQ to become the kitten rescue organization it is today. From humble beginnings of matching up friends and co-workers with found kittens, to adopting out over 2000 cats and kittens a year, Dani Ryan has shown what one woman’s determination can accomplish.


Our Corporate Donors

peopleMeet the corporations that make a difference in what MeoowzResQ is able to accomplish each year. We couldn’t save kittens without them. Thank you!

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