MeoowzResQ Virtual Adoptions

MeoowzResQ is grateful for your support and your donations. Below are two ways to donate. Network for Good allows you to create an account that makes it easier to track any donations (including to other organizations) throughout the year. PayPal accepts donations from credit cards as well as from a PayPal account.

PayPal or Credit Cards

Other ways you can help MeoowzResQ:
Here are some ways you can support MeoowzResQ without spending any extra money! Just shop like you always do and the participating companies will donate a portion of your purchase to us or donate a set amount to the rescue with your first purchase.

Amazon Wishlist Ralph’s
Amazon Smile Giving Assistant iGive

YouTube Channel:
Virtual Adoption Events are held on our YouTube Channel every Saturday starting at noon. We showcase several kitties each week and provide lots of information on how to adopt a kitty from home.

Advertising our Kitties:
We post bios and photos of many of our available kitties on the following websites:

facebook logo Petfinder icon adopt_a_pet_logo_tm-2 craigslist icon

Adoption Application:


Adoption Applications are no longer available for downloading. To receive an Adoption Application, please send a request in email to




Adoption Fee Guide:

The MeoowzResQ office reserves the right to have the final word on the adoption fee for each kitty.

$200 – Exoctic breeds (Siamese, Russian Blue, Ragdoll, Maine Coon, etc)
$175 – under 1 year old
$150 – over 1 year old


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