Volunteer Application

We do our best to provide volunteer opportunities for anyone who contacts us. Please complete the application below and once we receive it, our Volunteer Coordinator will contact you.
Below are the categories where volunteers are used.
  • Condo Crew: Volunteers are assigned a weekly AM or PM slot where they care for kitties housed in condos in various pet stores. Duties include feeding the kitties, clean litter boxes, refresh dry food and water, and give love and attention to the kitties.
  • Transporting: Occasionally we need volunteers to transport kitties to/from the vet, to/from adoption events, and to/from foster homes and the office.
  • Adoption Event: MeoowzResQ holds adoption events each weekend at various pet stores in Orange County and the Inland Empire. Duties include helping the Event Coordinator to set up/break down the event space, assist fosters with transferring kitties to/from carriers and most important, speaking with potential adopters about our kitties.
  • Fundraising: Volunteers assist our fundraising team in public relations, grant writing or organizing fundraising events.
Please mark all opportunities you are interested in:
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Condo Crew: AM [9-Noon] PM [4 -8]

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