About MeoowzResQ


kitty1We are a 100% volunteer ran, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that rescues kittens and cats in the Southern California area.

Our kitties are hand raised in private homes and many are bottle fed babies. They are sweet and socialized because they are cared for by foster parents who are dedicated to raising and finding good homes for these abused, injured, or abandoned cats.

Our kitties come from many different situations. We often rescue kittens from the shelter that are on the brink of being put to sleep. They also come from people who have rescued them from fires, found them on airplanes, in big trucks delivering to warehouses, kittens that were abandoned and left in boxes on sidewalks, or have found abandoned kittens that can no longer be cared for by the local animal control.


  1. To rescue and rehabilitate abused, abandoned, and neglected cats and kittens, and provide temporary homes.
  2. To facilitate adoptions to safe, loving, permanent homes.
  3. To help reduce pet overpopulation through spay/neuter of our rescues and low cost spay/neuter referrals to the public.
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