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You Can Donate an Automobile via

Please Donate that Auto, Boat, Yacht, Truck or RV that’s no longer needed to MeoowzResQ! Receive the maximum legal tax deductions and possibly a partial cash payment. When you donate a car, boat, truck, RV, aircraft, yacht, snowmobile, Jet Ski, motorcycle, heavy construction equipment, or other property to your favorite trusted charity (MeoowzResQ) — our car donation service is fast, easy and hassle free!

For more information about car, boat, RV and other property donations or to receive a “no obligation” evaluation of your potential vehicle or other property donation Click Here … or please call toll free: (866) 2-GIVING or (866) 244-8464. We pick up anywhere in the U.S.A.

Watercrafts Accepted Include:

Boat, yacht, Jet Ski, sail boat, power boat, personal water craft (PWC), cabin cruiser, catamaran, trawler, cutter, houseboat

When you donate a boat using our service it is fast and easy! We are experts in processing used boat donations! We pickup promptly nationwide and there is never a charge for picking up your donation. If you are planning to donate a boat, you can quickly receive a “no obligation” evaluation to make sure your contemplated donation can be processed profitably on behalf of your selected charity by completing our on-line evaluation form or calling us at our toll free number (866) 244-8464.

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