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In November 2020 Elias was picked up as a stray by the Downey Shelter. They quickly realized his back legs did not work properly and unfortunately needed more care than they were able to provide. The shelter contacted MeoowzResQ and we said we would gladly take him.

We immediately took him to one of our veterinarians to be evaluated.  It was determined through x-rays that surgery would not help him. Elias has posterior ataxia, which is paralysis of the back legs. The veterinarian believes the most likely cause of Elias’ paralysis was an injury at birth. For now, it is wait and see if there will be any improvement to his wobbly legs as he gets older, and what kind of ongoing treatment he will need in the future. Elias falls over easily due to his back legs having little stability. He will likely remain with the rescue for the duration of his life and we will address all his ongoing medical needs.

Elias is with an experienced and loving long-term foster mom who will care for his everyday needs. She describes him as a “delightful little ball of sunshine.” He is a happy cat who is affectionate and loving to all. No matter how many times he falls over, he does not give up. He gets right back up and continues to run and play. Wrestling with the older kitties is one of his favorite games; they play gentler with him than they do with each other. It is such a delight to watch this beautiful boy swatting balls and batting at a hanging string. You cannot help but smile at his playful antics.

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