In May of 2010, Ziggy was turned in to the Orange County shelter with severe burns on three of his legs and down his back and he had a gash behind one ear. It is unknown how he got these injuries but the shelter speculated that he may have been hiding in a car engine compartment.

Even while in what had to be excruciating pain, Ziggy was a very loving boy and the shelter staff knew he had to be saved. The shelter called MeoowzResQ to help and we immediately picked up Ziggy and took him to our vet, where, for two long months, he endured daily dressing changes on his legs.

Ziggy at vet with three legs bandaged

Here is Ziggy at the vet with all three legs bandaged.

When Ziggy was finally able to go to a foster home, his hair was growing back and his legs were almost healed. Only time would tell if he would be able to walk normally when the bandages were removed.

Ziggy with two legs bandaged

His back legs took much longer to heal than the one front leg.

When the bandages were removed, his two back legs were like “skis” with very little mobility and there has been very little change over the many months since then. He slides them along the floor and rubs the skin raw. Then he has to go to the vet for antibiotics and more bandages which he proceeds to chew off. Lots of different types of bandages have been tried and we continue to search for a better solution for Ziggy so we can end this cycle.


Some of our long-term kitties were featured at last year’s Meoowz & Merlot fundraising event.

We are committed to keeping Ziggy healthy and as comfortable as possible. He is a young guy so he will be with us for a long time. He needs your support for his daily needs as well as periodic visits to the vet.

Beautiful Ziggy

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