Be a Foster

MeoowzResQ is celebrating National “Foster a Pet Month” with the Petco Foundation and Skechers’ charity footwear collection, BOBS from Skechers, by recruiting new foster volunteers on Saturday, June 29, at the Petco locations where we hold our weekly Adoption Events.
MeoowzResQ is one of more than 600 animal welfare organizations across the country who will join together to encourage guests to learn more about fostering pets – including what to expect as a first-time foster, the rewards of 
fostering, and how fostering saves animals’ lives.

“If less than two percent of pet-owning households in the U.S. fostered one pet a year, we could eliminate unnecessary euthanasia in animal shelters tomorrow,” said Susanne Kogut, president of the Petco Foundation. “We believe if more people knew about the lifesaving impact of fostering, and that it can be an easy and fun experience, more people would do it.”
The Be A Foster event is part of the Petco Foundation’s annual Be a Lifesaver campaign which encourages everyone to help save animal lives by adopting, fostering, volunteering and donating. To create awareness and encourage more people to foster pets, the Petco Foundation designated June as national “Foster a Pet Month,” and has shared information and stories all month long to show how fostering is highly rewarding and makes a significant impact on helping the U.S. become a lifesaving nation.

In addition to fostering, adopting, and volunteering, Orange County and Inland Empire residents can make a difference by making a donation at Petco, at checkout or online, to help pets in need.
It takes a lot of people to make MeoowzResQ successful and it all starts with our fosters. Become one of our fosters and discover how fulfilling it can be to see babies develop incredible personalities. You can be instrumental in preparing our kittens for their furever home.
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