Persian Brothers Otis and Oscar Needed Surgery

Otis and Oscar were rescued from euthanasia by MeoowzResQ back in November from a shelter in Menifee. Both Persian boys were suffering from a severe upper respiratory infection and a fungal skin infection. After about two and a half months of recovery in a foster home, the boys finally recovered … Continue reading

What Does It Take to Rescue a Kitten?

Rescuing kittens is not all fuzzy, happy babies running around a foster’s home. It is, day after day, spending hours in front of the computer reading email pleas for kittens and cats at death’s door all over Southern California. It is deciding which ones to help based on the amount … Continue reading

Some of 2012’s Special Needs Kitties

Not all of our rescues are cuddly little kittens that just need to grow a little and get spayed or neutered to be put up for adoption. In fact, that is really the minority. Even the cuddly little kittens usually need some sort of medical treatment, most commonly for an … Continue reading

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