Holly Goes Home!

Holly & DominiqueOur little Holly found her forever home yesterday! Dominique had seen our window sign at Petco Buena Park advertising our Saturday adoption fair and came by to take a look. She took one look at Holly and fell in love! Dominique didn’t know Holly’s story — that is so familiar to all of our great Facebook friends — and was surprised to find out that healthy, roly-poly Holly had such a rough start in life. Credit goes to Holly’s terrific foster, Denise, for taking such good care of Holly while she made a full recovery, to Dr. Coghlan and the staff at 17th Street Animal Hospital for doing such a fantastic job on her surgery and aftercare, and of course to our fearless leader, Dani, for rescuing Holly in the first place. Holly is such a happy kitten, you’d never know she’s had even a day of distress. She’s never going to have another one! Dominique will give her a wonderful, lifelong home.

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