Petey Pie and Sweetheart

petey pie 1-6Petey Pie finally got out of the hospital on Thursday. His paralysis is completely gone and he is a playful, happy, healthy boy who tears around the house with his other fosters. He has become a special favorite of Sweetheart, a Siamese mom, who has been in this foster home for a couple of months.

Sweetheart came to us emaciated and pregnant and has been rehabilitating from jaw surgery, due to a shearing injury* suffered prior to her Sweetheart and Petey Piesurrender to MeoowzResQ. Petey has helped bring out the kitten in her and they play constantly.

Petey lost a bit of weight while he was sick so he will not be available for adoption for several weeks. When he is ready, both he and Sweetheart, who will also be available for adoption in February, can be seen weekends at the Kahoots adoption fair in Huntington Beach.

*A cat has two jawbones that meet at the chin and are connected by cartilage. When there is a hard blow across the face as opposed to a direct hit, this connection can be sheared.

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