Updates on Special Medical Needs Kitties

It’s great to get away for awhile, but then there is always the catching up. I have gotten a little behind on updates so they are all here together.

She has taken over the bed!

Miss Pippa has taken over the bed!

Miss Pippa finally went from the vet to her foster on January 29th. She is recovering well and protects her little leg while it continues to heal. It is bending much better and her limp is almost gone. She is very affectionate and will purr the minute you pet her. She loves people and it is difficult to photograph her because the minute you get close to her to take a picture, she runs to you. Her foster says, “She is beautiful and her pretty white fur is so soft and smooth! She goes back to the vet soon for a check-up and to get spayed. She will be ready for adoption right around Valentine’s day.

Petey Pie’s immune system was weakened by the steroid shots that helped him to walk again. As a result, Petey caught several viruses including one very bad stomach virus. He was touch and go for a long time, but the loving vets at 17h St. Animal Hospital pulled out all the stops to save this little boy’s life. He truly is a miracle kitten. He lost some weight when he was so ill but is in his foster home now continuing his recovery. He is not quite ready for adoption.

Sweetheart napping

Sweetheart napping

Sweetheart, a three year old Siamese, was surrendered to MeoowzResQ this summer by her neglectful owners, emaciated, pregnant, and with a sheared jaw. One week after we received her, she gave birth to four kittens. Sadly, two did not survive. Because of the jaw injury that we suspect resulted from abuse from her previous owners, and her emaciated state, Sweetheart has been rehabilitating for several months in the home of her foster. Although it has taken some time for her to learn to love and trust humans again, Sweetheart is just what her name suggests, sweet and cuddly. Over time she has also learned to play again and spends hours a day chasing toys and playing with the other fosters. She is the first to greet you when you come home and comes running to you when you call her name. She loves petting and brushing and will snuggle up with you in bed at night. Sweetheart is finally ready for adoption and will be at Kahoots in Huntington Beach this weekend. Go see this gorgeous Siamese!

Big Boy, who came to us weighing over 35 pounds, is doing great on his diet and loves his diet food. He is down to 30.5 pounds. He had the growth removed from his tail and the good news was that it was not cancerous. He needs to have his bandages changed every few days to prevent infection.

Bopper had his surgery and is home with his foster. We’ll have more updates on him from his foster soon.

Cornflake has made a full recovery from her total mouth extractions and is ready for Cornflake readyher forever home! She is doing great eating wet food, and she is even eating some dry food. Cornflake is a very friendly and sweet kitty. She would do well in a home with other kitties, children, or even small dogs. Remember, she doesn’t have any teeth, so you will never have to pay a dental bill! 🙂

OtisOtis and Oscar had their re-check at the vet’s office on February 6th. All the stitches were removed, and the vet has cleared them for adoption. They are so happy that they can breathe better! Both kitties are doing well and are looking for their forever homes. They would love to find a home together (because they are brothers), but they would be fine separated as well. Otis and Oscar are friendly with other kitties, dogs, and people.

These kitties have racked up some impressive veterinary bills and we sure could use your help. Won’t you partner with us to continue to save precious lives like these? You can help by making a donation to our medical fund today. No amount is too small. Together we make a difference!



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